In this time of mergers and acquisitions understanding the value of having a complete asset database makes these processes more simple. Company assets come in all forms and Custom Labels Ltd manufacture asset security labels that are suitable for all types of equipment including labelling i-pads, tablets, printers, projectors, screens and cameras. Asset tags can be made in any size, shape or material and can incorporate a sequential number, bar code or QR code providing a unique reference for each item. Some of the most popular label types are:

Anti – Theft labels
Our Anti – Theft labels are printed using an Ultra Destruct vinyl base material. These labels are custom printed with your design with or without a barcode or serial number.
Hi-Tack 3M Polyester Laminated Asset label
Our Hi-Tack 3M Polyester Laminated Asset Label has excellent adhesion to all clean surfaces. It is a high performance material, with a powerful adhesive and a mark resistant polyester over-laminate. These labels have a temperature range of –40’C to +150’C.*
The ‘Tamper Evident’ ‘Void’ Asset label
The ‘Tamper Evident’ ‘Void’ Asset label provides a secure polyester asset tag with the benefit of the label leaving a ‘VOID’ message on the product. This prevents transfer of the labels to equipment for warranty or calibration avoidance.
QR (Quick Response) codes
QR (Quick Read) codes are being increasingly used to enable more information to be included on the label. They can be sequentially numbered or provide a ‘quick link’ to your website or product. The ability for tablets and smartphones to scan the QR codes on the asset labels makes data collection easier and prevents mistyping.
Finally, The Ultimate Asset label. This asset label is a new product developed to meet the demand for a tough asset label within harsh environments. The velvet polycarbonate is under surface printed and supplied with a choice of high performance adhesives. This label can have a full-colour logo as well as sequential numbering or barcodes. Although a more expensive option, the long term performance of these labels is second only to anodised aluminium tags. For a quotation, please contact us and quote ‘Ultimate Asset Labels.’

When a company is asset labelling every computer, printer, copier etc, etc, they want a label that will not come off easily or lose its information through cleaning as this would involve an employee re-labelling and updating the database every time.

Our online shop with a ‘design your own asset label’ facility is very popular. Alternatively, please contact us to request free samples for your business, for advice, or to place an order.