Fully Customised Asset Labels for Educational Establishments

Custom Labels Ltd have supplied asset labels to over one thousand educational establishments, such as nurseries, primary/secondary schools, academies, colleges and universities in the last 20 years. We have also provided solutions for many youth groups and clubs/societies, along with various government authorities such as councils. Asset labels can be used on computers, laptops, iPads/tablets, projectors, books, sporting and musical equipment – these items can be huge investments which need to be managed and protected.

Asset Tag


All educational establishments need to manage their fixed/mobile assets so that equipment can be easily traced. Asset tagging equipment helps to discourage theft/damage of valuable property which can prove costly to schools, whose budgets are becoming tighter year-on-year. This also helps to comply with strict guidelines from governing bodies and helps with any auditing requirements.


Time and time again our tamper-resistant Ultra-Destruct Vinyl has proven to be the most popular material for these kinds of institutions. Once the label has adhered to a given substrate it becomes impossible to remove in one attempt, simply fragmenting under the user’s fingernail when picked. This makes it an excellent deterrent against theft and relocation of assets that could contain sensitive information.


Ultra-destruct asset label

We have a dedicated an entire website to this kind of enquiry and you will find this at www.assetlabelsforschools.co.uk. We have also developed an easy-to-use design your own feature which has proven popular with many happy customers. This tool offers our three standard sizes, these are – mini (30mm x 15mm), midi (40mm x 20mm), and maxi (50mm x 20mm). Any order from an educational establishment will automatically be placed on an account with net 30-day payment terms.

If you require something more specific, then please contact us directly. We produce asset in any size, shape or colour, with any kind of sequential information (barcodes, QR/data matrix codes). The average lead time for this type of label is only 3-5 working days and we can offer fully customised samples free of charge in just one working day!


Order free samples*, purchase through our easy-to-use ‘design your own’ page*, or contact* our friendly team at Custom Labels Ltd today for further information.