The theft of assets from the UK construction industry estimated to be an estimated £800million per year the industry continues to be easy prey for opportunistic thieves. With the warning of growing crime statistics, construction sites owners and tradesmen leave themselves vulnerable due to a lack of security measures in place. A survey conducted by the Chartered Institute of Building revealed that 92% incidents were petty crime, with 21% stated that their sites were robbed on a weekly basis. Theft is an on-going issue within the industry, as it continues to increase.

The main issue on any construction site is security. Basic measures, such as removing keys from ignitions, the use of padlocks and chains is not enough to remedy the situation. Implementing controlled entry and exit systems. Staff training investment to ensure that practises are in place to secure site vehicles and machinery. The investment of deterrents like CCTV and site flood lighting, as well as security immobilisers and tracking. An insecure building site will attract opportunists and with the modern-day construction site containing an array of expensive, heavy machinery and building tools it makes for high profit, low risk gains for potential thieves.

As well as securing a site externally, precautions can also be taken to ensure that plant equipment is marked with asset labels and asset tags with sequential numbers and barcodes registered to an asset database. This ensures that if a theft takes place items can be recovered and returned to their rightful owner.

The Asset Security Labels we manufacture at Custom Labels are suitable for all types of equipment including site equipment, hire equipment, heavy machinery and much more. Our asset tags can be made in any size, shape or material and can include a sequential number, bar code or QR code for use with an asset database.

We offer a wide range suitable asset labels for the construction industry including the Ultimate asset tags which are UV, water and scuff resistant. Our Ultratuff asset labels have all those qualities but are also abrasion, scratch and chemical resistant. The ‘Ultimate’ asset tags have a tougher face material backed with a choice of 3M adhesives for very rough surfaces or a high-performance adhesive for low energy surfaces. These labels are strong, tough and durable and ideal for hire equipment used outside, resistant to petrol, dirt, water, UV as well as extremes of temperature.

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