Under Surface Printed Asset Tags

The latest and most durable tag in our Asset Label range – The Ultimate Asset Tag. It boasts a specification which rivals that of a metal/aluminium etched tag, but without the astronomical price tag associated with this type of product! We have found that in most cases, metal tags are a complete overkill for the given application. For example, a customer who is labelling internal computer equipment does not require a tag with such a high specification.


The tag is comprised from a gloss or textured 250-micron Polycarbonate base material; this is tough, long-lasting, and has a wide temperature range of -40to 160o  C. The chosen design is digitally printed onto the sub-surface of the material, making the print impossible to reach without excessive force. The ink is UV resistant, and can be used to print any logo/colour if a Pantone reference is provided. We then finish the label with a choice of two well-known 3M adhesives – 3M 467 (best for smooth surfaces, such as plastics) and 3M 468 (best for rough, uneven surfaces). This enables us to provide a product that will have the strongest bond possible to the given substrate, whatever the application.

With a superior construction to most other cheap options, it is perfect in harsh environments. The tag is UV, weather, water, scratch, flame, and wash-proof; along with being chemical and solvent resistant. The fact that this tag is fully-customisable; including logos, and colour matching makes it a great marketing tool. We also offer barcodes, QR codes, and data matrix codes as standard, allowing businesses to track large asset registers and helping to comply with strict auditing requirements.

We can also offer ultra-durable fascia/overlays for equipment and machinery. Available as a Mark-Resistant Vinyl label, or F200 Autotex Polyester labels. A full-colour, under-surface print provides the ultimate label in terms of durability. This can then be finished with a choice of 3M adhesives, including the well-sought-after 3M 468 (used by the military); required by most manufacturing businesses! Windows/cut-outs are also available to fit unique applications.

If you visit our online store you will find our easy-to-use design your own feature. Alternatively, you can fill out our online enquiry form and a member of our sales team will get back to you. Custom Labels Ltd offer free designs and samples next day! Another way to contact us is  via email: sales@customlabels.co.uk.