If you require a label or tag for a harsh environment but want an outstanding visual appearance, under-surface printing offers that versatility. Under-surface printing refers to printing applied to the underside of the surface of a substrate.

With the right material choices, under-surface printing fully protects the print from abrasion as well as protection against various oils, greases, and solvents. UV inhibitors can also be added to the materials to increase product life in outdoor or high UV exposed applications.

Undersurface, printing is available on a variety of our materials and can be used for control panels, overlays, under the hood automotive applications, industrial equipment, major appliances, electrical boxes and safety/hazard signage. It is a popular process when manufacturing aerospace and military applications due to its durability.

Clear or Tinted Windows can be incorporated into label or tag design. These windows can be used on instruments or indicator lights to show functions. Hidden or secret information windows are also possible, so that backlit information is only visible in certain circumstances: for example, in an emergency etc.

Our undersurface printing capabilities allow for printing in almost any colour, including Pantone, Ral, BS, and other colour charts. We can match almost any colour sample that customers supplies. With our Spectrometer, we can recreate the colour temperature under which your finished labels are most likely to be viewed.

During the undersurface printing process labels can be die-cut to almost any shape and our high-performance adhesives of varying strengths are available for all types of labels. Our sales team are also always pleased to advise on the correct one to use for your application.