After months of speculation and teaser trailers, details of the Xbox Series X have now finally been released. The ‘next-gen’ console is twice as powerful as the Xbox One, with 8 CPU cores and 16 threads, delivered via 2 quad core units; this gives a peak 3.8 GHz frequency. The console will also include automatic HDR, which means that it will be compatible with older generation games. They have also addressed key issues, such as memory and input lag/screen tearing.

When the new console is released, all the new devices will come with warranty periods, this is generally 2 years for any electrical device sold within EU law. Therefore, inside of the device will be what we call warranty labels, these cover key components, which if removed would VOID the manufacturers warranty as a third party is deemed to have tampered with the device. Also if external repair companies repair a device at any point, they will also adhere warranty labels for the same effect.

Custom Labels are market leaders in producing warranty labels for businesses small to large. We offer these in any size, with full colour logos as standard and free samples, if required. These are mostly used for preventing false warranty claims on electronical products, but they could also be used as a box seal for high-value items and for general use where a more secure marking is required. Generally, we produce these from two different materials, both are explained below.

Ultra-Destruct Vinyl: this is a white material which is tamper-proof in its nature. Once adhered, if a pick is attempted then the label will simply fragment under the users fingernail. This prevents relocation of the label and is perfect on component seals where the user could remove a label, tamper with something inside of the device and then put the label back so that it looks like they haven’t been in there.

VOID Polyester: the is a silver material which is tamper-evident in its nature. Once adhered, if a removal is attempted, there would be a ‘VOID’ print left behind on the product which would show that somebody had removed the label and tried to tamper with the goods. This material is available with a small or large ‘VOID’ print, with the small being used on very precise applications, such as circuit boards on mobile phones, for example.

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