School security guidance -a guide for preventing crime in schools by Greater Manchester Police, recommends the use of anti-tamper stickers. Anti-tamper stickers can already be found in many UK schools and are also known as tamper-evident stickers or ultra-destruct labels. Specially printed anti-tamper stickers, marked with an asset number plus the school name, can easily be stuck on the outer casing of all equipment. Anti-tamper stickers are a popular choice for schools because they cannot be removed ‘whole’. If removal is attempted, the label will ‘shatter’. This will show that removal has been attempted but more importantly, it will render the label useless and make the transfer of the label onto another asset impossible.

school asset stickers

Easy to order online, these school asset anti-tamper stickers are very popular in UK schools.

Using asset stickers ensures that all the school’s more expensive assets are recorded.They can be then linked to an asset tracking system, such as Assettrac (This company can label everything and create the inventory for any school, then set up the program so that it can be kept up to date.)

Why buy from Custom Labels?

Custom Labels Ltd has a fine reputation amongst UK schools. Custom Labels, established in 1997, print labels/stickers for schools, colleges, academies and universities. Experts in their field, they work hard to print and supply schools with the exact labels for their needs.They use the best materials and inks and never scrimp on adhesives.Tested and re-tested in schools, they know that attempted removal of anti-tamper stickers, once set, is extremely difficult and works as a deterrent to theft.

The easy choice

Custom Labels make the design, ordering and purchase of labels easy! Just tell them what you need and they will send you a sample of your actual label straight away for approval. Their prices are hard to beat. Custom Labels print quickly and send direct, via tracked delivery. Everything is quick and easy!