At Custom Labels Ltd we offer hard-hat labels that can be fully customised to your specification. This means that they can be any size that you require, along with the ability to be any shape that you desire – our most popular shapes are rectangular and circular. We can also offer full-colour printing, this means that you can include any logo or have any colour match on the design at no extra cost.

We can also include any kind of sequential information, this could just be a sequential number, for example, 0001 – 1000. It could also be a barcode, these are generally in format code-39, or code -128. We do also have the ability to put a QR code onto the label, this could either include an asset number or an external link to a website/database. Furthermore, we have experience in using data-matrix codes and have the capabilities to include these if you require them. Many hard-hat labels, however, just include the company’s logo, with no sequential information at all.

The main feature of our hard-hat labels, however, is the fact that we do not use acrylic adhesives, we only use water-based adhesives. This is because normal, acrylic adhesives can seriously damage the durability of the actual hard-hat over time. This can put your employees at risk and may have other insurance implications that you need to consider. We would never ever use an acrylic adhesive on a hard-hat, so make sure you check this as many of our competitors will be offering this and it may be putting your business at risk!

We have a design-your-own feature on our website, this allows you to easily design and purchase your hard-hat labels. These labels are available in either a white or clear base material, to the desired effect. We have a separate design-your-own page for circular hard-hat labels and a separate design-your-own page for rectangular hard-hat labels. If you have a specification which is not listed on this page, then please contact us directly, as like I have mentioned above, we are able to produce any size/design/shape that you require.

Custom Labels have produced many different hard-hat labels for different aspects of the Hinkley Point C project, for companies such as Socea Denys. This is through our ongoing partnership as a Tier 2 supplier to the project, via ARC-UK.