A warehouse is such an important function for any trading business, therefore using up to date and reliable products is vital in ensuring efficient logistics. With most warehouses coming under rigorous demand, equipment and products must be able to survive this testing environment – barcoded labels certainly fall under these criteria.

A barcode is a unique way of identifying many things, from a product, to a location in the warehouse. It is important that these labels last, as if one becomes destroyed then there may be a delay in the packing line. A durable label would avoid this, it may have a strong adhesion, durable print, or a lamination to protect it from everyday life.

The industry as a whole has continuingly invested in labelling innovation, spending more money to make sure that they have a better product that will perform and last. There has been a heavy impetus by larger companies to increase spending on this in recent times.

The benefits of a durable, quality barcoded label include, time saved with scanning issues due to poor quality print; improved efficiency; tracking items and improving stock visibility. A rugged barcode label may include one of many codes – such as, data-matrix, QR, code 39, code 128, EAN 13 and many more…

Custom labels produce durable barcoded labels from durable laminated substrates, or from unlaminated substrates, printed with very durable UV cured ink. This ink produces a crisp print which is perfect for scanning. The quality of the materials used by Custom Labels produces a durable finished produce that will last a long time, even in the testing environments of a warehouse.

Custom Labels previously produced a large project for racking labels for Bowker Group, they were to be used on every part of racking in the given warehouse, with locational references to help employees find products in a quicker, more efficient fashion. Our solution was a UV cured ink print on a 7-year substrate. This gave a fantastic print, which scans well and also a label that will stay adhered for a very long time.

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