Protecting company equipment with asset labelling gives employers peace of mind that their items are less likely to get stolen. Although we often think of thieves as ‘outsiders’, new research has indicated that a lot of workplace pilfering comes from those actually employed within an organisation.

In fact, a recent study has indicated that two-out-of-three UK office workers have stolen items from their workplace, with 10% of workers also stealing from colleagues. Taking into account all those who work in an office, this equates to 15 million people pilfering on the job. Crucially, for businesses, this represents a staggering cost of over £190,422,375.

Although this theft mainly relates to small-scale items, equipment with a higher price tag isn’t immune from getting swiped. With the huge cost implications, and 73% of staff not getting caught, theft in the workplace is a big concern for employers.

What can businesses do?

Adding asset labels to items is, by far, one of the best ways to protect equipment from theft. Faced with an item bearing an asset label and one without, a thief is much more likely to take the item without the label. The asset label acts as a deterrent and is a simple but highly effective way to stamp out internal or external workplace theft.

In particular, employers can have confidence that their items are protected when they choose tamper-proof or tamper-evident asset labels. The beauty of these labels is that anyone who attempts to remove them will have an almighty challenge on their hands. Tamper-proof labels are made using a special, ultra-destructive vinyl that permanently bonds to assets, with the label fragmenting on an attempted removal. Equally tough and secure, tamper-evident labels come with a sturdy acrylic adhesive that reveals the word VOID, should anyone try to remove it.

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