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QR Code Labels

What is a QR Code?

A QR code (Quick Response Code) is a two-dimensional matrix barcode created for the automotive industry in Japan in 1994 consisting of a pattern of black squares in a vertical and horizontal format able to contain large scale data.

This data can be used for a wide range of applications including asset identification, production tracking, quality control, document management and marketing.

Where are QR Code Tags used?

Custom Labels have manufactured QR code labels for over 20 years, initially with fixed web addresses or just sequential numbers. Advancements have meant that this can now be applied to basic asset identification, website promotion and more recently QR code Tags have become an essential part of online app and web related data packages.

Examples of QR Code Applications

QR Codes for Security Labelling

We were contacted by a start up company in Scotland called Veloeye to provide tamper-proof, durable QR code samples for application to bicycles. Labels were applied proving their UV resistance, water tolerance and general durability in a harsh environment.

After successfully completing trials the first order of unique QR code tags were supplied as a set incorporating the company logo. The labels utilise an independent URL that linked to the Veloeye online secure site where all the details of the bicycle are stored including pictures, description, location and status. This can be accessed by the police to help the recovery of stolen bikes.

Example of a Datamatrix coded label


QR Code Labels in the Construction Industry

Within the industry large projects require masses of information to be stored and accessible for every aspect of construction by a wide range of people. Durable, strong QR code labels are used during and after the construction process to link locations to online data platforms that can hold pictures, drawings, video, specifications, plant information and in the long term maintenance/security information.

By using unique QR identifiers on long life durable labels in specific locations all the information can be accessed in seconds.


Having this data available to everybody involved in the construction project enables the architects, engineers, contractors and owners to control all aspects of the build.


QR Code Labels for the
Service Industry

Custom Labels were approached by service company that wanted a very rugged, hi tack asset tag with a 3M adhesive to stick to a wide range of equipment for service, location and maintenance tracking. This works with a mobile app to enable easy access to all the work history and support supplied. Labels were trialled for 3 months to ensure suitability. Having had a successful trial, we now supply QR code labels across the UK and Europe.


Customisable Data QR Labels

QR code labels can also be used for linking hire equipment to online instructional videos or manuals, these labels can be made from our Ultimate durable materials, under surface printed and manufactured with an industrial strength adhesive or a tamper evident label material. This is achieved by putting the web link into the QR code on the label. This is ideal as a majority of users have a mobile phone and can scan the QR code and go direct to the required information whereas previously manuals or instruction leaflets.

Guide to QR Codes

QR (Short for quick response) Code labels are a specific matrix bar code (Two dimensional code) that can be read by a specialist reader or by a camera phone or tablet computer with a camera in conjunction with an ‘App’ often freely available. By scanning the code a wide range of information can be collected and stored or used instantly.

Uses of a QR Code Label

Data in a QR code can be customised in any way required including contact details, addresses, link to a company website (URL), product page, you tube video, promotion or event. QR code labels can be manufactured to have unique information or variable data, this data can be supplied in the form of a database or may be a sequential number.

QR Code Labels offer huge potential for business promotional and marketing requirements. They make it easy for a prospective customer to interact with your website or products without any fiddly data entry.

Promote your company and products. Use QR Code labels!

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Barcode Labels

Custom Labels have nearly 20 years experience in manufacturing barcode labels, from the smallest PCB label to large warehouse location labels on a range of materials that include polyester, vinyl, thermal paper, paper, polypropylene, destructible vinyl, void polyester and many more.

Basic retail barcode labels are thermal paper or paper printed with an EAN 13 or EAN 8 code and tend to have little other information (Possibly product description and price). More complicated labels may include a logo, sequential number, mark and seal laminate or database information.

Most Popular
Barcode Symbology

  • Code 39 US Government and Military use, General use
  • EAN 13 international consumer products
  • EAN 8 Short version of EAN 13
  • Code 128 Very dense code , worldwide use
  • Interleaved 2 of 5 Warehouse and industrial applications
  • Codabar Libraries & blood banks
  • EAN 128 Shipping / Product information.
All our barcode labels are scanned and inspected to ensure the correct information has been entered. Data is recorded and kept to avoid serial number duplication or data corruption.

Ultimate Asset Tag is UV, saltwater, chemical and abrasive resistant! An ultra durable tag combining a tough polycarbonate with an under surface print

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