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Industrial Labels



Write & Seal Labels

The ‘Mark & Seal’ label allows variable information to be securely added at the moment of application. The laminate layer seals in the written information providing a durable and protective layer that will withstand water, abrasion and solvents. These labels are ideal for short batch runs, prototypes, service, test and calibration.

Equipment Labels

Equipment labels, Product identification, instruction and warning labels are all manufactured to meet custom requirements. Company or authority logos can be added to most label designs combined with serial numbers bar or QR codes for product ratings or batch identification.

Pipeline Labels

We print durable pipeline identification labels, specially constructed to withstand the test of time and even immersion underground. Colour-print coded to comply with UK specifications. Our range includes liquid and gas marking. Please get in touch for full details on our designs, sizes, competitive pricing and tracked delivery.

Warning Labels

All labels can be manufactured from a wide range of materials to suit the application, from 3M high performance polyesters to paper box labels. Every label can be laminated to provide chemical and abrasion resistance.

Custom Labels Ltd have over 15 years experience in manufacturing labels for industry. From the smallest PCB labels to large warning labels we produce labels for use in all environments and to suit the needs of every individual business.

All Weather Durable Labels

Our vinyl, polyester or polycarbonate labels are resistant to salt water, oil, petrol and harsh weather conditions. These labels are popular choices for boat safety labels, warning/instruction labels, equipment hire companies, safety helmets and tools.

These tough strong labels can include serial numbers bar/qr codes. logos and much more. Any size or shape, these labels utilise the best adhesives available and have an under-surface print for long term durability.