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Tamper evident void labels combine a secure metalised polyester with the security benefit of indicating equipment intrusion with a void message.

How to Apply Your Label

Asset labels have a permanent adhesive by nature. The term Permanent refers to an adhesive that is designed to make the label difficult to remove. There are a range of adhesives that can be used, where you are applying labels to a ‘rough’ surface it is advisable to use a thicker adhesive. Alternatively, thinner coat adhesives perform better on smooth surfaces.

The labels can be produced in a range of materials from tamper evident to tamperproof to meet the requirements of the customer. Most asset labels need to withstand liquids whether that may be water or a variety of cleaning compounds, so in most cases the labels are produced using synthetic material. These Synthetic labels are designed to be abrasion, UV and chemical resistant to deter removal, ‘Under Surface’ printed labels provide the Ultimate durability.

Here are some quick tips to applying your Asset and many other types of Labels which will help you get the longest life out of your labels.


Tips for applying labels

Clean the area where the label is to be applied. The label needs to be applied to a clean surface to ensure best adhesion. A surface can appear clean but may have dust, dirt or even a greasy finish (from human hands).

Using a small amount of methylated spirits or similar and a lint free cloth, clean the area where the label is to be applied.

Make sure the area is dry before applying the label. This will help the label to stick well to a clean surface, free of any grease or dust.

Once the surface is clean,
apply the label

Once the protective backing is removed, hold the label by the edges, be careful not to touch the exposed adhesive.

Apply the label to your clean surface and press down firmly. Once applied please do not try to reposition it as this will reduce the labels cured adhesion.

Do not try to test the label

Avoid ‘testing’ the label to confirm whether it has stuck well to the surface.
It takes between 48 and 72 hours for the adhesive on the label to cure.


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