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Our Ultimate and UltraTuff tags are produced with premium 3M permanent adhesives and under-surface print and our heavy-duty Metal asset tag is the strongest asset tag on the market, built to last decades.


Securely Mark, Track & Identify Your Valuable Assets with our toughest Ultimate Asset Tag.

Asset Labels and Tags

Using High Performance Materials with adhesives for every application, from computers and tablets to large asset labels for outdoor industrial equipment – Custom Labels manufacture asset labels that last, fast delivery and a free sample of your label!

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Asset Labels & Asset Tags

As a leading manufacturer of asset labels and asset tags for schools, academies, sporting organisations, businesses, local authorities, universities and many more we are confident we have the solution for you.

All Applications

The Asset Security Labels we manufacture are suitable for all types of equipment including labelling ipads, tablets, printers, projectors, screens, cameras, hire equipment and much more. Asset tags can be made in any size, shape or material and can incorporate a sequential number, bar code or QR code for use with an asset database.

Ultra-destruct vinyl (anti-tamper stickers) and void polyester asset labels are UV, water and scuff resistant, whereas our Ultratuff asset labels have all those qualities but are also abrasion, scratch and chemical resistant.

The ‘Ultimate’ asset tags are our most recent label type with a tougher face material backed with a choice of 3M adhesives for very rough surfaces or a high performance adhesive for low energy surfaces. These heavy duty tags are strong, tough and durable and ideal for hire equipment used outside, resistant to petrol, dirt, water, UV as well as extremes of temperature.

Request a sample of your Asset Label or find information on our material options below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why not buy a cheap asset label?

A paper or vinyl asset label does not have the durability, chemical resistance, adhesion and UV stability that is required when creating an asset register. Asset Labels and tags need to perform on a wide range of equipment and different conditions to avoid expensive re-labeling.

When would I use a QR Code Asset Label?

The QR (Quick Response) asset label is used to hold more information than a barcode asset label when required. It can be a link to a secure web portal, where unlimited information can be held including images, maintenance schedules, safety information, and location details.

Why should I use an asset tag?

Any organisation should keep track of its assets, these can be computers, furniture, tools, equipment, etc… Placing a unique number on the item allows the creation of a spreadsheet (For smaller businesses) or an integrated asset database when a comprehensive solution is required. This provides a reference for the value of assets, location or servicing details.

When is it essential to asset tag?

The recent COVID-19 pandemic highlights the need to track medical equipment through the system when it is loaned from one NHS trust or medical facility to another. Another requirement is in place for ‘Academy Trusts’ to have an up to date asset register for full financial accountability.

What type of asset label should I use?

The best asset label for you is the one that suits your requirements. To make this easier we offer a range of samples for you to test. These can be samples of your actual label with a choice of adhesives to suit your application.

Can I have the design I want?

Almost all our asset labels can be in any shape, size or colour required! These can include all the main barcodes as well as QR and Data matrix codes. You can have part numbers, logo’s or other variable information on your labels.

I have an asset register and need the labels to have the information printed on them. Can you do this?

Yes, we have a lot of experience in printing from spreadsheets and data provided.

Request a Sample of your Asset Label

We will layout your asset label design then manufacture an actual finished label and send these out by 1st class post for you to test.

Our label designers will use their experience to create an effective design incorporating a logo, bar code, serial number and text if required.

For best results we recommend the test area is cleaned to remove any grease or dust and the label applied firmly then left for 72 hours, this will provide maximum adhesion to test the materials effectively.

Your sample pack will include standard examples of alternative materials for your reference

QR Code Asset Labels

QR Codes are being increasingly used to enable more information to be included on the label. They can be sequentially numbered or provide a ‘quick link’ to a website or product. Tablets and smartphones can be used to scan the QR codes on the asset labels making data collection easier.  Custom Labels can produce QR codes or Datamatrix codes for all our label types.

Data can be supplied via a spreadsheet or as a database of unique URL’s, the size of the code varies depending on the amount of information within the label.

We are happy to supply a label design and samples for you to review and test at no cost!

nsuk asset QR
ESA Asset Label

Applying Asset Labels & Asset Tags – a Quick Guide

To give the best results wipe the application area (using a solvent wipe or screen cleaner works well), then remove the label from the sheet and avoid touching the adhesive side where possible.

Place it in the dry clean position taking care not to peel the label off to reposition it. Press firmly in place and leave for a minimum of 24 hours, almost all adhesives have a stronger bond the longer they are left.

We would recommend placing the asset label or tag in a convenient position, avoiding areas where people are likely to see it as a ‘challenge’ to remove the label.

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