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Cable Labels
Direct from the Manufacturer

At Custom Labels we make it easy. Our cable labels are flexible to design and simple to apply. They can include any information you require. The clear ‘tail’ wraps around the label to provide a durable long term solution to cable identification.

Our ‘Design your own cable label’ page provides a standard format for the most common label designs, more complex designs or different sizes can be quoted separately. Information can also be hand written onto the label using a permanent marker and then sealed under the clear vinyl (useful for test or calibration labels).

Easy Identification

Make your job simpler and safer by being able to recognise your cables at a glance due to the cable identification label.

Many of our customers colour-code the cables to enable them to be packed away with other labels of the same type/length. Cable labels can include a clear logo, contact information, bar code, or any other useful information.

Promote Your Company

A custom cable label will put your name and logo in front of the people that matter in business, on tour or in the theatre. We sell lots of these labels to hire companies.
You can include contact details for the easy return of forgotten or missed cables.

Asset Numbering

By adding a QR code, bar code or sequential number to your cables, they can be easily tracked or booked in and out without confusion.

We keep hard copy and database information on all number sequences supplied, to avoid duplication. Any request or order for duplicates will be questioned.


Your Cable Labels

Due to the wide range of cable sizes used within the industry, Custom Labels can manufacture labels to suit your exact requirements.

Choose from our standard range based on the most popular sizes or tell us what you would like and we will quote accordingly.
The label design will take into account the ‘visible’ area and the information required, and possibly a logo, bar code and telephone numbering. Colour coding can be included at no extra cost, making life easier when putting everything back in stock or packing up.

Reference information can be taken from a database and printed to suit your exact requirements, in addition, duplicate numbers for each end of long cables or ‘sets’ of labels can be produced for items with multiple cables, if required.

Easy to Use Cables

All of our cable labels are self-laminating and printed using a UV process that prevents fading from exposure to the sun. This combination prevents damage to the print therefore enabling bar codes to last.

As the adhesive label wraps around the cable the connectors do not need to be removed and using a heat gun to ‘shrink’ a sleeve is also no longer necessary, avoiding heat damage to new cables. The proven strong adhesive also makes the label difficult to remove, providing a level of security for identification.

Why pay more?

As an experienced manufacturer we offer a high level of service and quality at a competitive price. By manufacturing on site, we can offer these high quality labels at price that cannot be matched by re-sellers. Deal direct and get the best value for money.

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