Are you aware that as of 9th February 2019 a new EU directive has been agreed for all pharmaceutical products?

There have been huge problems across the EU whereby falsified ingredients and inaccurate dosages have been claimed on many pharmaceutical products. This has the potential to cause serious problems to public health and may have a devastating impact upon brand image and the reputation of the whole supply chain.

The revised 2011/62/EU Directive will make it mandatory for all pharmaceuticals to have a serialised label on the packaging. This will hopefully help to put an end to any illegal drug trade and prevent counterfeit goods which severely impact public health.

A significant change to the new EU directive will be the way in which all pharmaceutical products will require a unique identifier utilizing a barcode and human readable text where the size of product allows. The identifier will include a product code, serial number, batch number and expiry date. This information will can also be used for re-stoking, stock rotation and accuracy checking by wholesalers and pharmacies for example.

These types of labels would be made from a tamper-proof material which fragments upon removal, preventing unwanted users from removing or replacing the label onto other goods. This would also be available in a tamper-evident silver material which leaves a VOID print behind once the label is removed.

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