The government has announced that the UK 2G and 3G mobile networks are to be phased completely out of use by 2033. The Culture Secretary, Nadine Dorries has announced that the decision has been made to increase the security of the telecom supply chain. It has also been confirmed that this decision has been agreed upon with all of the country’s major networks.

This action will free up a lot of the network spectrum so that more 5G and future technology can be rolled out. This should also help with a quicker and easier transition, opening the door for new suppliers to enter the market. The change will also help the UK to move into a more energy-efficient and high-capacity network.

This all ties in with the government’s plan for 35% of the UK’s mobile network to be carried over open and interoperable RAN (Radio Access Network) architectures by 2030. This ambitious action is set to provide the UK with a more competitive & innovative base for telecoms. The government has admitted that to achieve this target they will have to invest heavily and have set aside £250 million to aid this; this will in hand help the 5G network reach the most remote parts of the UK.

Custom Labels can offer various types of labels that are relevant to the telecommunications industry:

  • We have previously produced durable labels for network antennas in the UK, but also as far afield as Los Angeles. These are heavy duty tags, which have a long-life span, even in outdoor conditions.
  • We can also offer cable labels to help identify leads, or more heavy duty/bigger wiring.
  • With regards to mobile phones, we can offer warranty labels to be placed over seals/screw holes. This identifies if a foreign user has tampered with the device & has therefore voided the warranty; a god send for saving money on false warranty claims.
  • Asset Labels, to securely identify and discourage theft of a mobile device issued by a company. We are one of the market leaders in this field and have a range of products to suit every application.

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