At Custom Labels we manufacture asset labels and asset tags for the office environment every day! These are ordered by a range of businesses/educational establishments who wish to manage and protect valuable investments which can be worth large sums of money. These assets may be computers, tablets, books, desks, projectors, mobile phones and machinery.Asset labelling is vital for businesses of any size/nature as it helps to prevent theft/relocation of equipment. It also makes it easy to track these items, which in turn helps with the compliance of strict auditing requirements.

Asset Tag

Dormers Wells School Asset Label

Our most popular choice for this type of application is our UV, water and tamper-proof Ultra-Destruct Vinyl Asset Label. Once the adhesive has cured the label becomes impossible to remove in one attempt; it will simply fragment into small pieces if a pick is attempted. This is our number one selling asset label for educational establishments, but also for general office environments as it prevents removal and acts as a deterrent for theft.

Another option is a laminated tag which offers increased durability – our Ultratuff and 3M Polyester Laminated Asset Tags offer a chemical, UV and waterproof solution at an affordable price. Our Ultratuff Asset Tags combine a sought-after 3M adhesive, with a flexible polyester base material, and a scratch-proof polycarbonate lamination. Alternatively, our 3M Polyester Laminated Tags combine the same base material/adhesive but are finished with a thick gloss lamination; this effect is great for promotional purposes.


At Custom Labels Ltd we offer your logo, barcodes, QR codes, and Datamatrix codes on all our asset label/tag range at no extra cost. There are a few different barcode types, but we generally work with Code 39 or Code 128 as these are deemed as standard across most industries. QR codes and Datamatrix codes are used when a large amount of data is required, for example a URL linking to a specific web page. These codes offer higher density and act as a quick method of accessing large amounts of information.

Asset Tags

If you visit our online store you will find an easy-to-use design your own feature for each of all the asset labels and asset tags that we offer. Alternatively, you can fill out our online enquiry form and a member of our sales team will get back to you. Custom Labels Ltd offer free designs and next day customised samples on our Ultra-Destruct Vinyl Asset Labels and our Ultratuff Asset Tags (generic samples of our 3M Polyester Laminated Asset Tag are also available next day). Another way to contact us is via telephone: 01278 433800 or via email: sales@customlabels.co.uk.