Do you have computers that need a security code or to be uniquely numbered ?

Asset Tags or labels are the most popular way to identify the company or organisations assets, used in conjunction with a bespoke database package or for smaller applications an excel spreadsheet.

This would allow assets to be identified quickly and efficiently. The asset number will be a reference on the database entry where a detailed description of the asset can be stored, including the purchase date, testing information, value and much more. Asset Labels can be manufactured from a range of materials to suit the specific application.

Our most popular asset labels are:

Ultradestruct Vinyl – Commonly used in education (Schools,academies etc) the material fractures allowing only a fraction to be ‘picked’ at a time.

3M Polyester Laminated – A high tack adhesive with a thick gloss laminate gives a durable professional looking tag.

Ultratuff asset label – This label can be fully customised with full colour logos, QR codes and bar codes. The tough polycarbonate finish provides a scratch proof, chemical resistant asset tag.

If you are not sure of the asset label type you require contact us for advice and we will be happy to supply samples for you to test.

Experienced users of asset management software are utilising independent URL’s linked to databases stored on the cloud, this allows the information to include images and other extensive information that can be updated remotely whilst on large sites tracking assets. Custom Labels Ltd have produced labels from URL databases and integrated the QR codes into customer asset label designs.