Major building work on the passenger terminal at Jersey Airport is on course to begin in early Autumn this year.  The work will include a new 30-metre zone which is needed to ensure that the terminal follows other UK airports guidelines, following a terrorist attack in 2007 at Glasgow airport where a vehicle carrying explosives attempted to drive into the terminal building.

The new works are expected to be completed for the 2020 summer season. It will be completed in phases, to adapt to the future airport re-development programme, which will include the creation of an integrated arrivals and departures terminal.

The Ports of Jersey is currently discussing options with local transport services with regards to the changes to the road layout.

“The key thing is to improve safety. It just means people won’t have those pedestrian crossings. The other thing passengers will be interested in is we will be introducing a new car park area, a 20 or 30 minute free area.“

– Alan Merry, Acting CEO, Ports of Jersey

Custom Labels UK our currently producing an asset label order for Ports of Jersey which will be used in a variety of environments including ports, holiday airports, Harbours and the Jersey Coast. Due to the nature of these environments, the labels need to be extremely robust.

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