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Sky News Camera Equipment Tags


Ultra-durable, undersurface printed company contact and asset tags provided to Sky News supplied for use during the King’s Coronation.

“In an effort to have less of our kit go missing, our department had a requirement for asset stickers which were able to clearly convey our brand and contact information, while also being durable enough to withstand the rigors of outside broadcasting.

Custom Labels have made the sometimes painful process of designing and producing customised products a breeze. From their advanced custom label designer to their lightning fast and friendly customer service and rapid production/delivery times we could not have asked for better service.

We have already had nearly £1000 of equipment returned by people who have seen the highly visible stickers and called to report finding something left behind after a job.

It has also made identifying equipment on large-scale broadcasts much easier, meaning equipment is less likely to go missing in the first place as we can quickly see at a glance what belongs to us and what belongs to our fellow broadcasters. I have no doubt these stickers will continue to save us money going forward as more and more kit that previously would have been written off as lost is returned to us.

Specifically I did want to praise the new Ultimate Peli Case Tags we recently received. I’ve attached a pic of one along with a shot of one of our PTZ cameras during the Coronation where at points it poured down with rain. It was great to finally be able to visually identify our kit and cases so easily and all of the labels stood up to the usual abuses we put them through on these jobs with cases being thrown around and kit getting wet. None of the labels had any issues with the harsh treatment. We even had one of the case labels take a direct hit from a scaffold pole and it survived pretty much intact.

It’s genuinely been an incredibly efficient service from yourself in particular and the team at large and you’ve made the whole process so much easier than I thought it was going to be starting out when I was looking for someone to produce these for us. So thanks again for that.

Alex Matthews – Technical Logistics Coordination Sky News

Happy label customers are the result of providing an excellent service, manufacturing a quality label, on time at the right price without confusion or complications.

Please find below a few testimonials for your reference.

I’d like to say thank you very much on behalf of S.S. Ltd Scotland for the service provided by Custom Labels. The quality of the labels are brilliant and will be recommending Custom Labels in the future to our customer base. Outstanding service provided whenever I had a query and the level of care was fantastic. The labels we received yesterday are 100x better than our manufacturers labels and I am extremely happy with them. Thank you very much for your ongoing help. Many Thanks.

Fraser – S.S. Ltd Scotland


Just a wee note to say thanks for the speedy supply of the labels we requested. They appear to be spot on for our purposes. Many Thanks

Alan – Stech Ltd


I just wanted to thank you for such the swift and painless way our order was handled. Sorry we don’t have anything else for you at the moment but will certainly come back when we do. Many thanks

FTF Worldwide Event Management


Just a quick mail to say great job on the labels thanks to you and your team thank you.

Eaton Power Solutions Ltd

Thanks again for your help with this Clive. When I started looking at this on Sunday I thought it was going to be a total minefield. I sent off four applications and only two came back, yours being one of them. I was really hoping to be able to deal with a fairly local firm and a company that I felt I could happily ring and not get passed from pillar to post, which I found in you! I really appreciate your customer service and the speed in which you helped me. Thank you to you and your team.

Tracy – Trinity Protection


Labels have arrived! VERY PLEASED WITH THEM. Thank you.

Dave – R. Products


Thanks for amending the label – opened the packet today and look great. Sorry I didn’t get chance to call you, but all good.

Peter – AB Media

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