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Product Labels

Product labels of all types to suit everything from bottles and jars to hi-tech equipment. A small quantity of ‘Hi performance’ synthetic labels for a demanding environment can be specified and labels processed with the same efficiency as a million blank labels for thermal printing. One colour or full process colour labels, we will provide the solution.

High quality labels made from materials to suit your application. Our self adhesive labels will enhance your product, making it stand out in a competitive market.


Custom Labels experienced designers and efficient service enables us to deliver the labels you want when you need them.


  • Any size, shape or colour
  • Quality product
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • UV Resistant
  • Wide range of materials
  • Fast Service.

Material options


Semi-Gloss Paper: Our standard paper, which has a white, semi-gloss finish. Economical and versatile, this can look great with any kind of design printed on it.

Peelable Paper: Paper label stock that will not leave any residue behind on the surface which it is adhered too. Perfect for short term applications on reusable surfaces that you wish to keep perfectly clean after use of the label.

Freezer Paper: This material is built specifically for use in cold environments. Our freezer paper will go down to temperatures as low as -40 and is perfect for food labelling/catering applications, such as allergy labels.

Blockout Paper: This completely opaque offering allows the user to cover up any unwanted text, colour or imagery underneath it. Available as a blank label (no print) or preprinted with any design.

Piggyback Paper: Double layered label stock for use on designs which may require smaller labels to be removed from inside of itself once adhered. Perfect for warehouse inventory applications, as well as identification on specific products.

Antique Wine Paper: A watermarked paper label stock, which can create a rustic effect. This can look great on wine labels, but also on food labels such as nut/seeds and cereals, like granola.

Textured Wine Paper: A white paper, which has a textured finish. Gives off a handmade appearance that is perfect for luxury products such as premium wine bottles. Can be used in dry and moist environments.

Bright Silver Paper: This paper has a metallic silver finish, which gives a very appealing look on certain designs. This material can really make your product stand out from the rest of the competition on the shelves.

Gold Paper: This option has a metallic gold finish, which gives a premium and luxury look to the label and the product which it is advertising.


Gloss Polypropylene: A stronger alternative to paper, this is waterproof and tear proof. Great for use on products that could get wet, such as bottled liquids.

Peelable Polypropylene: A waterproof and strong label stock for products that will leave no residue behind on the substrate that it is used on. Great for temporary labelling requirements.

Bright Silver Polypropylene: For use on decorative labels which need to be longer lasting than paper, but also need to grab the attention of the customer.

Bright Gold Polypropylene: A gold label stock, again waterproof and tear proof, which creates a great look on premium food products, such as chutneys.


Special Enhancements
(available on most materials):

Foil enhancements: add foil embellishments, such as white, gold and silver onto preprinted designs to great effect. This looks fantastic when used on premium wine labels.

Varnish enhancements: add full or spot varnish to make parts of the design, or logo stand out. This can create a unique finish that looks very easy on the eye.

Matt laminate: this can be used to create a matt finish on the whole of the design, as we use gloss inks on most of the above materials.

Hi-Spec Materials

White Polyester: Used for more durable applications, Polyester is significantly stronger alternative to Polypropylene, with a longer life span a wider temperature range. This option has a standard adhesive on.

3M White Polyester: This durable Polyester is perfect for technological applications; it is versatile and great for use indoor and outdoor. This material has a very strong, industry recognised 3M adhesive.

3M Silver Polyester: The same as the white option above but has a metalised finish which can give off the look of a metal substrate. Again, with the same 3M adhesive, which is perfect on a wide range of surfaces.

Ultra-Destruct Vinyl: A premium security material; once adhered the label will become impossible to remove in one attempt, simply fragmenting if a pick is attempted. Perfect for use as security seals on high-value equipment/assets.

VOID Polyester: Another high-specification security material, this will leave a VOID print behind if a user tries to remove it. Perfect for use on electronic devices to avoid false warranty claims, such as mobile phones.

Lexan Polycarbonate: This material has immense tactile strength and durability ratings, perfect for use on testing outdoor applications, such as on military ships. Under-surface printing makes this type of tag highly resistant to chemicals, abrasion, weather etc…

Autotex Polyester: A high performance and quality matt polyester, developed for applications that require extreme abrasion resistance/flexibility. For use on premium applications such as embossed membrane switches.

Both Autotex & Lexan can be combined with hi-bond strength 3M or Flexcon Adhesives to provide the ultimate durable label.

Product Labels with Complete Customisation

With over 20 years of experience, Custom Labels have the extensive knowledge and expertise to help you select the right labels for you and with our in-house design team, we can help you design your own labels from scratch or work to create print-ready files with any existing designs you may have.


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