First, you place your order and supply us with your design specification or appropriate artwork unless it is a repeat order. In the case of receiving art files, our Design Team must then review every supplied design file. The amount of time taken to complete this process varies depending on how many files are involved and the quality of the supplied art when we receive it, but we allow 10 minutes per file to create print-ready artwork and an approval form for the customer. The time it takes to complete this varies on a case by case basis and in some cases can take quite a bit longer depending on the quality of the supplied files.

The next step is the proofing process. Whether you’ve sent new files or are re-ordering artwork we’ve used previously, we still need to approve the order. An approval form with design, variable data and coding will need to be confirmed, as well as, the order quantities. A production job will only be scheduled once we receive the final approval via our Signable service, so it’s in the customer’s interest to review the approval carefully and quickly.

Now that the order has been approved, we normally allow a couple of business days to complete the job and ship it out to you. Each order goes through multiple production phases and depends greatly on how many labels have been ordered, this initial printing process can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours and it’s normal to expect there are other jobs already in the production queue.
Once printing is completed, the roll or sheet of material is then moved to the next station in the process where may additional processes can be applied from die-cutting to lamination or adhesives. Die-cutting is where the printed labels are stamped out of the surrounding material into the required size and shape. Mounting the appropriate die for your order and aligning the die-press for each new job usually takes 10-15 minutes and the pre-printed labels go through the die-press and out the other end comes a die-cut web with appropriate lamination in place and all the waste between the labels removed.

Our dispatch team will assemble the finished order into boxes for shipment to your chosen destination. Finally, deliveries are collected on a daily basis by DPD who’s depot is located 20yrds from our facilities and UK Mainland deliveries will be dispatched via next day tracked delivery.