Viridor, a company that specialises in recycling and resources and energy has put in place a first for industry, a scheme for recycling hard hats. The aim of the scheme is to prevent the many thousands of plastic hard hats going into landfill.

Hard hats will change from protecting heads to helping protect the environment and will go onto to be used in a range of plastic products, such as bins, bottles and many more products.
Viridor have teamed up with Polymer Industries a Devon based plastic recycling specialists, to provide the solution at the drop of a hat.

Ian Poyser, Viridor’s Plymouth based Manager responsible for the program, said: “Hard hats aren’t accepted for commercial recycling due to their complex plastic composition, but we know our customers want us to identify a Circular Economy solution. “This new service is the result of two companies coming together in a mutual mission to take complex plastic items away from the general waste stream. It is just one of the many ways we are working to target specific plastic items this year.”

A successful trial has been rolled out in cooperation with Babcock International Group, recycling 1,200 hats to date, with more anticipated as the trial progresses.
Laura Parry, Waste Services Manager, Babcock Int, said: “Babcock is always looking at ways to become more sustainable and we work hard to manage our waste as efficiently as possible. “It has been a positive experience working in partnership with Viridor and we hope that the programme will be rolled out more widely in the future.’’

The average life-span of a hard hat is just two to five years. The new scheme is currently being tested in the South West with potential for further expansion for other companies looking to maximize their sustainable waste management.

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