Christmas, with all the gifts you need to buy, wrapping you need to do and food you need to prepare can be one of the most stressful times of year, even more so now we’re down to the final two weeks of last-minute gift buying. To help you through the next stressful weeks why not try out a few of these handy apps to help things run smoothly over the whole festive season.

This is a shopping price comparison app for Android that can help buyers find the best prices available online and cross reference them with high street shops. Once you find a product it can be filtered by category and list can be created to monitor changes in the items price. The app also features a barcode scanner and can display the items product information, reviews, and online prices. Perfect for when you have less than 2 weeks till Christmas!

12 Days of Gifts
Available on the Apple app store this app allows you to download a surprise free gift from Apple. The gift can be a song, app, book or even a film. Each of the day’s gifts will only be available for 24hrs, so you’ll need to check back each day between the 26th December and 6th January. Last years gifts included songs from Coldplay and Lady Gaga, TV shows such as the BBC’s Sherlock and apps from Snapseed and Sega.

Secret Santa Tombola
To kick off the Christmas party season this helps to pick out the perfect Secret Santa gift. Select the Secret Santa gift receivers’ gender, pick the type of gift with an option of cheeky, fun or cute and your budget.

Gift Wrapping Instant Expert
If your gift wrapping ability is lacking this year, then this app may be your perfect companion. Through videos and quizzes it will teach you to wrap presents, create bows, set up gift baskets and make custom present tags. It will also show you how to re-use what gift paper you have to help save money and time.

Gift Plan
If you often lose track of your gift buying then the Gift plan app will help you to organise and keep track of all your gifts for family and friends. In the apps profile view you can look through photos of people on your gift-giving list and see their personal tastes, gift ideas and sizes.

Lastly here at Custom Labels Ltd we like to give our customers a helping hand with their own Christmas gifts. All our festive dispatches leading up to the big day will now go out with our Custom Labels produced gift labels.

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