The simplest way to ensure cables can be identified as compliant will be with a CPR label. The label became a legal requirement for companies on 1st July 2017.

All electrical professionals must understand and be able to quickly identify the legal product requirements and the crucial differences between a compliant cable and substandard cable. The new wiring regulations have brought a vast number of changes and amendments to electrical installation across the UK. It has never been more important to be able to make an evaluation of a cables standard at first glance.

Labelling in relation to CPR for cable shows that the manufacturer has designed and tested the construction of a product against they’re reaction to fire. This test then confirms that it complies with UK legislation.

A CPR label on most cables are shown clearly on the packaging to ensure its visibility. A CPR compliant label example is shown below, displaying the label with information for a 6242Y twin and earth cable.
When creating a CPR cable label identification system, clear identification helps to reduce costs, speed up the process of identifying problems and can simplify the installation process.







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