Product labels are, and will continue to be, important aspects of marketing and selling produce and products. In simple terms, these labels provide the consumer with all of the specifics and details of a particular item. But why are they so important?

1. Valuable instructions and information

Product labels tell consumers what the product is, how to use it, how to store it, and how much it will cost them. Product labels appear on a wide variety of items, including food packages, beverages and produce. These labels provide important information such as nutritional facts, cooking instructions, content and makeup. This type of information and the instructions guarantee the products can be used and consumed safely.

2. Industry and government compliance

Product labels have to comply with regulations, and a good product label will ensure you comfortably meet all federal and industry standards. If you do not follow the rules you can be prosecuted. It is important labels are not misleading about the quantity or size of the product, the price, how and where it was made, what it’s made of and what you say it can do.

3. Brand image and perceived value

A good product label will communicate the company’s strong brand image and add value. A poorly designed label will not be attractive to the customer. It is important product labels are of high-quality, are in full colour and include images, warnings and other necessary information.

A good product label that is the right size, shape and design will improve and strengthen your brand image. It will also enhance the perceived value of your product.

Ultimately, a good product label is important because it will ensure you meet government regulations, enhance or improve your brand, and will clearly communicate important guidance to avoid misuse. For more information on product label printing, contact us at Custom Labels Ltd today.