Here at Custom Labels Ltd we have been producing a range of labels from; product labels, asset labels and warranty labels for two decades. Using the highest quality materials, we are able to design and manufacture within 24 hours if required. One of the specialist labels we can produce are warranty labels, which are used to provide a secured seal to prevent tampering with a product which is under warranty. Warranty labels can also be a great solution if you need to protect ID, part number or batch number information. If you have products, documents or assets which need to be protected, a warranty label could be the perfect solution.

Warranty labels are predominately manufactured from ‘VOID’ polyester which shows evidence of use if it’s been tampered with. The polyester gives enhanced durability and temperature resistance. If attempts are made to remove the labels, a residue remains stuck to the surface – either in the same pattern as the sticker or with a message such as VOID clearly displayed, so any evidence of interference will be clear.

Sometimes as an alternative to ‘VOID’ polyester we use ‘Ultradestruct’ white vinyl, which provides a secure seal to a warrantied product. Ultradestruct is great to use on a warranty label as it has a strong adhesive but breaks away in small parts when tampered with, meaning it is impossible to disguise any evidence of interference.

As our name suggests, we are able to design and produce custom labels to suit whatever product or document you need warranty labels for. We can add sequential numbering, bar coding, your company logo and can adjust each label to provide a label set for multiple assets, helping you to keep organised.

We understand the importance of protecting your products and can guarantee you peace of mind with our tried and tested labels.