Asset tags are invaluable for keeping track of your property, but including your logo on the tag also makes great sense for several reasons.

From a promotional point of view, incorporating your logo with your property identification tags is a good idea. The more that people see these tags, the more your brand name will stay etched firmly in their minds, so it’s worthwhile to include them from a branding perspective. Equally, adding your company logo to your asset tags gives them a professional finish, especially if you choose a company such as Custom Labels Ltd who are experts at creating high quality asset tags.

Having asset tags is a worthwhile security measure. It means you can keep account of your property and it prevents thefts from taking place. When your logo is added to your property identification tag, it makes it much harder to counterfeit the tag, reducing the incidences of fraud or theft occurring.

Getting asset tags with a company logo added also makes it easier to visually inspect items, especially if there are items together in one place that might be owned by more than one company or brand. If you have different companies within one large group, segmenting property with the inclusion of individual logos on each tag can make managing assets much simpler.

Even if you worry that your logo might not look clear or legible on an asset tag, it’s worth bearing in mind that at Custom Labels Ltd we use high quality techniques that provide excellent printing results, so that your logo is represented as clearly and accurately as possible.

If you would like advice about getting asset tags with your company logo included, give us a call to discuss your options. Alternatively, you can order directly online if you know exactly what you require.