What are your standard sizes?

Our standard sizes for Asset Labels include 30mm x 15mm, 40mm x 20mm, and 50mm x 20mm, which have remained popular over time. However, we offer full customization for Asset Labels and other label types. Whether you need Promotional Labels, Cable Labels, Logo Labels, Calibration/Test Labels, Paper Labels, Barcode Labels, or Fascia’s/Machine Membranes, we can create labels tailored to your specific size and shape requirements. Feel free to contact us for a personalized quotation.

Which barcode type is best for me?

We can produce any barcode type you need, all of which are included as standard on our Asset Labels and can be applied to any label type we offer. Code 39 & 128 Barcodes are widely accepted in most industries and can contain small amounts of numeric and alphanumeric information, such as asset numbers (e.g., CL0001). For retail environments, we offer EAN-13 barcodes. QR & Data-Matrix Codes can hold larger data sets, such as URLs or spreadsheets, offering higher information density and quick access to extensive information.

What are your lead times?

Lead times depend on the label type and order size. In general, we aim to complete most orders within three working days. New orders require artwork approval via our online portal, Signable, which allows you to electronically sign off on the design before production, minimizing potential errors.

What is the difference between your adhesives on the Ultimate Asset Tag?

The Ultimate Asset Tag is our most durable option, closely matching the durability of a metal tag. It comes with three industry-standard 3M adhesives:

3M 467 for smooth surfaces like plastics.
3M 468 for rough and textured surfaces.
3M 300LSE for materials with low surface energy.

What are your payment terms?

For new customers (excluding government, NHS, or educational establishments), the first order requires upfront payment. Subsequent orders can apply for a net 30-day account. We accept payments via credit or debit card over the phone and through bank transfers.

What is your minimum order quantity?

Minimum order quantities vary based on material, label size, and production processes. You may only need a single label, which falls under our minimum order value of £35.00 (excluding artwork and delivery costs).

Which Asset Label is best for me?

The choice of Asset Label depends on your specific application and requirements:

For security, consider our Ultra-Destruct Vinyl Asset Label, tamper-proof and impossible to remove in one attempt.
Alternatively, the tamper-evident VOID Polyester Asset Label leaves a ‘VOID’ print if removal is attempted.
If durability is a priority, explore our laminated options: the 3M Polyester Laminated Asset Tag offers a glossy finish, while the UltraTuff Asset Tag has a matte/textured finish with greater scratch resistance.
For the utmost durability, our Ultimate Asset Tag features digital ink on a thick 250-micron polycarbonate base, protected by industry-standard 3M adhesives, making it nearly impervious to damage without excessive force.