Our new ‘Advanced Label Designer’ now provides a new level of customisation. Whether you choose to use one of our existing design templates or start from scratch the label visualiser allows you add a company logo, a QR or barcode and choose from a wide range of fonts and colour options.

Choose from a number of premade sticker templates as a starting point then edit the labels colour, choose a font, add a logo and change the sequential data to include barcodes and QR codes. Once the design has been finalised just process the design and add the order to the basket. The design will automatically be forwarded to our design team and will include all the logo files, images and sequential data used within the design.

We offer the Advanced Label Designer function on a number of products including asset labels, cable labels, warranty and calibration labels, as well as, hard hat/helmet labels. We also have plans to add the design function to our range of product labels where the customer will allow customers to design a bottle, tub, box product label from scratch. Watch this space…

To see the label designer in action visit www.customlabels.co.uk/shop.