The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has announced new requirements for all new homes and businesses to have an EV charging station installed during the build stage from 2022 onwards. Buildings such as supermarkets and general places of work are included in the new law, along with large-scale building renovations that have 10+ parking spaces.

This new law should substantially increase EV charging availability & accessibility across the UK, with the government estimating that 145,000 should be installed each year after this change comes into effect. Previous government plans had only allowed for the approval of 250,000 EV charging points in total to this date – this should increase the overall amount by around 50% in the first year.

This latest action helps the government work towards their target to ban all fossil fuel car sales by 2030, this is 10 years quicker than originally planned. They had previously earmarked that they were prepared to spend £500 million to build the infrastructure to allow for this rule to be feasible. This was all announced at the CBI conference, with the Prime Minister calling it a ‘pivotal moment’ in ‘adapting our economy to the green revolution’.

Any new EV charging point should have a label or tag attached with an asset number to aid in tracking the asset & for security purposes. Because the device is outside in all weathers & will be in situ for a long period of time, the asset tag will need to be highly durable & have a long life span to be fit for purpose. Our Ultimate Asset Tag is perfect for this, with a velvet finish to increase abrasion resistance + 3M 467 adhesive, which is perfect for adhering to smooth plastic surfaces, such as that on an EV charging point.

We have provided this exact solution for multiple businesses already, most have utilised a QR code for more detailed information to be included in the design. If you have an application of this nature, or something similar then please feel free to contact us today for free samples for testing.

Our Ultimate Asset Tag is also available with a gloss finish, which is preferable for aesthetic purposes, but also as it is easier to wipe, from a cleaning perspective. There are also two further options in terms of adhesive; we can offer a 3M 468 adhesive for textured/rough surfaces; or a Flexcon adhesive for low energy surfaces.