Technology provider OAL Connected has created a working solution to read the newly implemented inline data barcodes. Tesco supermarkets has recently implemented these data embedded barcodes on all of its meat products in its Jack’s stores, with plans to introduce this to their store’s country wide, in a bid to reduce food waste.

The OAL label and date code reading solution ensures that product packaging line is read without errors and can notify when emergency product withdrawals and product recalls have been made. The new inline barcode allows manufacturers an oversight at most points within the supply chain and should dramatically reducing waste.

The new barcode contains extra lines of information, such as a global trade item number, the expiration or best before date and a batch number. These data embedded codes can be stacked with just two barcodes stacked, or expanded, with three or more on packaging. The widespread introduction of the new system may cause an issue to manufacturers. The traditional label date code verification solutions cannot currently read them. This open manufacturer’s up to the possibility of incorrectly labelled items, risking consumer health, the manufacturer’s reputation and decline in profits.

The Technology company began developing a solution to read these data codes inline back in 2018. With a quick update existing OAL customers can use their existing scanners to read the new code.