In a move to help boost recycled packaging the UK’s four largest supermarkets including Morrisons have announced a new labelling scheme which promotes customers to return any qualifying packaging to their store to be recycled.

The new scheme uses a new labelling system that will both display when an item can be recycled at home and another which shows the packaging can be returned to the store to be recycled. The scheme will be rolled out on to 400 product lines which account for more than 500 million items sold per year.

A ‘Please Recycle Me’ label will appear on all packaging that can be recycled at home on packaging such as plastic bottles and a ‘Recycle Me In-Store’ label will be applied to bags used for products such as bread and potatoes which can’t be recycled at a Morrisons store. Changes to the back of the product will also include information on the components used detailing whether they can be recycled and where.
The Morrisons group said it will recycle this plastic in the UK and turn it into recyclable carrier bags and bin bags.

Morrisons is one of the original signatories to environmental organisation WRAP’s UK Plastics PACT. An Initiative introduced by the supermarket over the last 12 months will remove 9,000 tonnes of unnecessary or problematic plastic a year, it said.

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