Mates in Mind hard-hat stickers and labels

Mates in Mind construction site helmet sticker

Hard-hat sticker for Mates in Mind charity.


Recently, Custom Labels won the contract to print hard-hat and vehicle stickers for the Mates in Mind registered charity.

Custom Labels Ltd are a well established UK company, specialising in all types of labels from asset labels, industrial and bespoke labels and stickers with low set-up costs and quick turnaround times.

For this specialist application, unusually, a water based adhesive was used when manufacturing the sticky label, specifically chosen to maintain the health and safety properties of the hard-hat.

The durable labels were tested on sites in the tough working environment, with excellent results; they were tough, durable and weather-resistant. Consequently, these stickers now appear on the hard hats worn on construction sites across the UK.

What is the ‘Mates in Mind’ concept?

Custom Labels are pleased to be associated with Mates in Mind, a registered charity which aims to raise awareness, address the stigma of poor mental health and improve positive mental wellbeing in the UK construction industry.

Mates in Mind has an ambitious goal – to reach 100,000 workers in its first year and by 2025 to have reached 75% of the construction industry.

Durable hardhat label and van sticker.

Mates in Mind hardhat label and vehicle sticker.

Who is involved in Mates in Mind?

It is led by and for the industry in partnership with the Health in Construction Leadership Group and British Safety Council, as well as with other leading organisations and charities such as Mind, Samaritans and Mental Health First Aid England.

The initial phase has had the support of six construction companies – Balfour Beatty, Careys, Heathrow, Thames Tideway , VolkerWessels UK and Wilmott Dixon – and the outcome of this work has contributed to Mates in Mind’s aims and approach.

Mates in Mind aims to:
Raise awareness and understanding of mental health and mental ill-health.
Help people to understand how, when and where to get support.
Break the silence and stigma through promoting cultures of positive wellbeing throughout the industry.
Mates in Mind has an ambitious goal – to reach 100,000 workers in the first year, and by 2025, Mates in Mind aims to have reached 75% of the construction industry.

For more details of the Mates in Mind charity please use this link.

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