Whenever you make your next purchase at a retail outlet, take a close look at the cash till. There’s a good chance is that it has a label on it with an asset number for example Asset #12345678 or something similar. And, if you were able to look at the stores managers office, you would find a similar label on each computer. This true whether we’re talking about retailers or manufacturers or service industries, and in some cases you would find an asset label on every desk, chair, bookcase, storage cabinet, etc.  Some are more disciplined about company asset management than others.

As the company size decreases in size, you will typically see less and less discipline when it comes to company asset management.  We don’t recommend that you go out and buy a huge number of Asset labels and stick them on every asset your company has (Although, you should for at least your big-Medium priced items.) Instead, we hope to make you aware of the dangers.

To be certain, you have this problem whether your firm has £100,000 in revenue or £100 million in revenue.  Every company has this problem even ones that have asset tags on the smallest of assets. If a company is not discipline, then you’ll be shocked at the vulnerability this opens your firm up to.

The one asset that can destroy any company is software. Just look at how Iran’s uranium enrichment program was taken down.  Software. If you don’t have a competent “software asset management” then your company can be fatally open to a data breach.

A companies software assets are a blind spot.  Like most, companies don’t know what you have.  And, what you do have includes far more than you imagined. And, you now might have a sense that you’re vulnerable.  Reducing these vulnerabilities is a process and an ongoing process.

First, you need to create that list (Asset Management Database) of what you have.  Second, you need to evaluate their vulnerabilities. Third, you need identify a process to reduce those vulnerabilities.  Finally, you need to prioritize those vulnerabilities.

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