In August 2017 two HP computers were sent up to the International Space Station, as part of an experiment. Three months after their intended return they have still not came back to Earth, as they were supposed to.

The experiment was to test the durability of the computers in space without specialist treatment – and after 530 days and counting, they are still in working order. In October 2018, the return of the rockets was suspended indefinitely after a Russian missile failed.

HP senior content architect Adrian Kasbergen has previously stated that they may aim to return the computers in June 2019. HP are working together with NASA and Space X (Elon Musk’s aerospace project which aims to take passengers into space by 2030).

The original computers on board of the International Space Station cost as much as 8 billion US dollars… Our computers on planet earth do not cost as much as this, but they are still extremely valuable and need protection!

Space may well be a more challenging environment in terms in physics, however Earth can also prove testing in terms of potential theft. IT equipment is vital to the daily operations of any business, so protect this and avoid throwing money down the drain.

It is important to label all valuable assets, such as computers, tablets and most electronical equipment. This will help to deter against the theft and relocation of these costly investments, avoiding hefty financial implications for businesses of every size.

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