As Christmas day looms closer and closer, businesses are out to tempt you to buy your gifts from them. This naturally competitive market has recently seen a large shift towards online buying. This is generally seen as being more hassle free and in most occasions is also the cheaper way to shop. Consequently, high street shops have been the ones to suffer from these changes in consumer trends.

This year we have seen the high street fight back with a boom in pre-Christmas sales in high-street stores. This is an attempt to lure shoppers back into stores. Retailers may have felt somewhat forced into these sales as in-store sales for November were down 2.6% on last year. Meanwhile online sales for the same period increased exponentially by 18.2% representing the highest figure for a given month this year. Around 18% of retail sales are now online, with 9% coming from businesses who trade solely on the internet and not on the high-street.

Greg Harwood, director at analysts Sumon-Kurcher states that we have seen a ‘spiral of promotions, year after year’ trends have changed and ‘customers are no longer happy with discounts of 10%, they are demanding as much as 20%, or even 30% off of the ticketed price’. Businesses are seemingly willing to offer this, with the end of the financial year in sight, the need to produce a profit has intensified. This could see an increase in sales which would see many barcodes scanned as money goes through the tills.

At Custom Labels Ltd we offer barcoded Asset Labels which can be fully customised to include company logos and colour matched a company brand. We offer both code 39 and code 128 barcodes as standard, along with QR codes and Data Matrix codes which can include complex data. These are available in a range of materials for every type of application. We even offer free customised samples of your design, so that you can see your final product before you commit to buying.

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