The smartphone repair market has enjoyed dramatic growth in previous years and even though it is not growing as much as it has, the figures continue to improve year on year. Businesses have a huge target market from all ages and genders, with a high demand – this is backed up by the fact that one smartphone breaks in the US every 2 seconds. Even when consumers stop buying smart phones, the repair market is not going to die overnight, as people will continue to use their devices for years after saturation of the general market.

All smartphone manufacturers offer a warranty period when purchasing a new device. This covers the consumer for any problems that they may encounter during this period; it does not however cover for any accidental damage that the consumer may cause during this period. If there is accidental damage, or something goes wrong outside of the warranty period, the costs can be very high. Some consumers opt for an insurance package to cover for any damage that they may cause to the phone, in some cases this may extend the warranty too.

Today, smartphones are vital to most people – they contain so much of our personal data, such as bank details, names, addresses; and also, so much important data, such as irreplaceable photos and text messages from loved ones. They are such an important part of our lives, with most people using them every single day to pay for food, operate in business and socialise. This is why consumers will pay so much for a repair and therefore why the market continues to grow year on year.

When repair shops fix a device for a customer, they usually offer their own warranty on the service that they have just provided. If someone tampers with the device then this would void the warranty from the repair shop as they would not be able to tell if the problem was caused by themselves or by the user. To help combat this, repair shops can purchase tamper-evident or tamper-proof labels which prove if someone else has tried to get in to the device. These can save businesses lots of money and also avoid the hassle of arguing with a customer, this can in turn effect reputation.

Customer Labels offer these labels in two materials:

  • Ultra-Destruct Vinyl, which is tamper-proof, once cured it is impossible to remove in one attempt. If a pick is attempted then the label will fragment under the users finger-nail, therefore if over a seal, it will split and become impossible to remove on either side. This could also be used to cover a screw-hole, for example.
  • VOID Polyester, this is tamper-evident, if someone attempts to remove the label then it will leave a ‘VOID’ print behind, proving that someone has tried to get into the device. This could again go over a seal, leaving the print on either side of the split.

We offer these in any size or design, they can include your logo or any other information that you require, such as sequential numbers and barcodes. If you are interested, please look at our warranty label ‘design-your-own feature’. Alternatively, we can offer free samples, just call us on 01278 433800 or email us via