The amount of label materials options available can provide countless options for product label design, but it can also be a cause of confusion. Each label material has its own set of unique properties. These properties may differ in terms of their look, feel, ability to adhere to certain surfaces and levels of durability.

One of the more common requests we receive from customers is that the label needs to waterproof. As with all our other labels these waterproof labels are fully customisable and our printed using UV solvent ink that is resistant to abrasion even when wet and UV resistant for many years. These labels can also be used when moisture may become an issue when the product is stored within refrigerators & freezers for example

Below are just a few of the waterproof materials we stock and their properties:

Gloss Polypropylene: A stronger alternative to paper, this is waterproof and tear proof. Great for use on products that could get wet, such as bottled liquids.

Peel able Polypropylene: A waterproof and strong label stock for products that will leave no residue behind on the substrate that it is used on. Great for temporary labelling requirements.

Bright Silver Polypropylene: For use on decorative labels which need to be longer lasting than paper, but also need to grab the attention of the customer.

Bright Gold Polypropylene: A gold label stock, again waterproof and tear-proof, which creates a great look on premium food products, such as chutneys.

Foil enhancements: add foil embellishments, such as white, gold, and silver onto pre-printed designs to great effect. This looks fantastic when used on premium wine labels.

Labels design can also take advantage of the special enhancements we have available including:

Varnish enhancements: add full or spot varnish to make parts of the design or logo stand out. This can create a unique finish that looks very easy on the eye.

Matt laminate: this can be used to create a matt finish on the whole of the design, as we use gloss inks on most of the above materials.

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