Polytag a company based in the Technology sector has called for the Scottish Parliament to review whether it should roll out a deposit return scheme (DRS) following news of a delay.

Polytag has designed and patented ‘tag and trace’ technology. The technology allows companies to assign unique DataMatrix code to each product, for use in a digital DRS.

The company have been critical of the Scottish Parliaments’ continued delays to the rollout of the scheme.

“It’s disappointing that during discussions around Scotland’s deposit return scheme in the Scottish Parliament, there has been no mention of the digital model.

“With the scheme delayed further until 16 August 2023, now is time to review our options and ask whether the conventional DRS model, involving the transportation and implementation of 10,000 reverse vending machines, is really what is needed.”

Alice Rackley, Polytag’s CEO

The Government is to take a phased approach to the roll-out of the DRS with the collection processes planned to start up from November 2022.

The scheme works by charging a 20p deposit when first purchasing a drink that is contained in a single-use packaging made of PET plastic, steel and aluminium, or glass. A deposit is refunded when the empty packaging is returned to a collection point.

The Scotland Government first planned to roll out its DRS in April 2021, before the first of three delays.

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