On April 8, 2024, sky gazers across North America were treated to a breathtaking phenomenon: a total solar eclipse. This remarkable event, visible across the continent, marked the final eclipse in the continental US for nearly two decades. Whether you found yourself in the path of totality or observing a partial eclipse from elsewhere, one essential item was paramount for safe viewing, solar eclipse glasses.

Solar eclipse glasses are specially designed to shield your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun during an eclipse. By blocking out the most dangerous parts of the solar spectrum, these glasses allow viewers to observe the sun as a safe, yellow-orange circle. However, it’s crucial to remember that solar eclipse glasses should only be used for eclipse viewing. They effectively block all light, rendering them unsuitable for activities such as walking or driving.

While obtaining solar eclipse glasses is essential for safe viewing, it’s imperative to ensure their authenticity. Unfortunately, there have been instances of counterfeit glasses circulating in the market, posing a significant risk to eye safety. To verify the legitimacy of your solar eclipse glasses, follow these steps recommended by the American Astronomical Society.

Look for the label – Authentic solar eclipse glasses will be labeled with ISO 12312-2, an international safety standard indicating that the glasses reduce visible sunlight to safe levels and block UV and IR radiation.
In addition to prioritising safety during celestial events, it’s essential for businesses to uphold environmental standards and sustainability practices. At Custom Labels, we are committed to excellence in both product quality and environmental responsibility.


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Our focus on quality management and environmental sustainability reflects our core values as a business. We are proud to maintain ISO certification in both areas and remain steadfast in our commitment to excellence and environmental responsibility.

As we continue to embrace these principles, we are confident that they will guide us towards a successful and sustainable future.