ISO 9001 is the world’s most popular quality management system and according to recent data, more than a million organisations worldwide are certified, spanning all sizes across a broad range of industries.

Custom Labels Ltd have recently joined that ever-expanding list. The benefits have been numerous to our company culture, providing improved and streamlined processes, as well as, improving the roles of our employee’s and our customer satisfaction.

We also chose to complete the environmental management ISO 14001 certification in parallel with ISO 9001 awarded by QMS International. Taking care of our environment and ensuring the company minimises any negative impact on the environment, are important challenges we set ourselves as a company.

We believe that, as well as, benefitting the environment these measures can help save money through the implementation of an IS0 14001 environmental management system. This can be achieved through the conservation of materials through to energy reduction efforts for many of our processes. This improvement in cost control is a benefit that cannot be overlooked when deciding to implement improved systems and can be a benefit to our customers where the savings can be passed on.