Dyson’s New Supersonic R Hair Dryer

In May last year, Dyson released the Supersonic hair dryer for its broad range of consumer hair care products. Then earlier this year, they followed this product up with the Supersonic R version, which is effectively a professional version of last year’s model. The company stated that this new product is the best and most intelligent hair dryer that they have released to date. The company offers various other products ranging from hoovers to hand dryers and even fans.

The product’s main selling point is that it contains smart sensor technology. This will automatically detect overheating that could damage the hair and scalp. If the area that is being dried becomes too hot, then the device will automatically reduce the temperature to 55 degrees Celsius (131 degrees Fahrenheit). This temperature is deemed safe, yet high enough to continue adequately drying.

The device has an infrared beam to measure how close it is to the drying area + small LED lights to indicate how high the temperature is – i.e. red when very hot/blue when cool. In addition to this, another cool feature is that the device can detect when it has been placed down; this will subsequently turn the power off.

Just like Dyson, Custom Labels is a British brand. All Custom Labels finished products are manufactured in Britain and always have been. To reflect this, we are proud members of Made in Britain. This is the official mark for products that have been manufactured in this country. Browse members and search for 100% British-manufactured products via this link.

Custom Labels produce many product labels that can be used on electrical and industrial products. These can be more basic identification/warning labels for products – an example of this is UKCE labeling in multiple industries. Or the label could be more technical, including a QR code linking to an instruction video. This video could include key operational information, or also key safety information and is a lot more accessible for the modern-day user.

Over the years these have been used for various applications, a few are listed here: fire alarm detectors in countless global locations; laser healthcare equipment in the UK; external antennas in California; hoovers sold globally – plus many more!

These labels can be produced on more basic substrates such as paper, or Polypropylene. Or, sometimes the environment of the product that they are going into is more demanding/the lifespan required is a lot higher. In this case, we use more durable synthetic materials such as Polyester and Polycarbonate to ensure that the solution is fit for the purpose, of that given customer/application.

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