At Custom Labels we’re always looking for ways to improve our customer’s online experience. Whether that’s with our clean and consistent branding across the site and marketing material, with our Basic product Designer that allows a customer to quickly and simply choose a colour, add a logo, variable start no and upload a spreadsheet or using our Advanced designer to create a design with all the same options using our stock templates as well as changing fonts, additional QR with embedded information such as a web address and much more.

We’ve recently updated the site with changes to the Online Shop, its categories, the asset label page, and a branding update sitewide. The online shop now allows customers to choose from product options including Asset tags, a list of all our labels, equipment tags, test and calibration labels and more, all found on the right-hand sidebar.

The sidebar also includes an Industries, Sectors & Environments section. This divides all our online products into the sectors and industries we most commonly produce labels for including NHS, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical, Schools, Academies, Colleges and Universities, the construction and industry sector as well as labels perfect for exterior or internal use.

At Custom Labels we understand that not all our customers will have any previous experience buying labels and tags, so the aim of the update is to provide a simple method to show the type of labels that would work best for their intended use or industry or even a look at our top selling products.

We hope all our customers find these new features intuitive and help them find their perfect label. Our intention is to continue improving and adding new features to the site and would welcome any feedback our customers or potential customers would like to see. Please feel free to contact our sales team at