Adding a QR code or Data Matrix onto the asset label is becoming a popular addition with an increase in QR codes during the Pandemic. Smartphone apps can easily scan the code on the asset label which can contain anything from a visual number to a website address and much more.

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The labels shown in the image above have been designed so that the human-readable serial number is bold and easily seen and is linked to the QR code. The QR code is positioned on the label to make scanning clear and concise. We check each label to make sure that it scans accurately. If text or other printed areas are too close they can interfere with the scanning process.

We were contacted by a start-up company in Scotland called Veloeye to provide tamper-proof, durable QR code samples for application to bicycles. Labels were applied proving their UV resistance, water tolerance and general durability in a harsh environment.

After successfully completing trials the first order of unique QR code tags were supplied as a set incorporating the company logo. The labels utilise an independent URL that is linked to the Veloeye online secure site where all the details of the bicycle are stored including pictures, description, location and status. This can be accessed by the police to help the recovery of stolen bikes.

Each asset label also boasts the business logo, produced in full colour with a great degree of complexity, enhancing the labels’ appearance and security.

Labels for schools, colleges, academies, universities and other educational establishments are designed, manufactured and despatched daily at Custom Labels Ltd.

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