During 2022 a record number of public electric car chargers as the race continues to expand the fast-growing and lucrative market. Another 8700 chargers were installed in the UK bringing the total to 37,000 according to Zap-Map. The 30% year-on-year increase is slightly lower than the growth of EV car sales at 38%.

The UK government recently announced a target of 300,000 publicly available chargers by 2030, when the sale of new petrol and diesel cars will be banned. The current yearly expansion of chargers of 30% would be enough year on year to reach the required 2030 figure but it would also mean that annual installations would need to rise to 19,000 by 2025.

Despite the scale of the challenge most in the industry believe that the 2030 target is realistic. Ben Nelmes, chief executive of New Automotive, a thinktank. Charger companies have more investment coming in than they can put to work, but problems may remain where local authorities are slow to act, he said.

Chris Pateman-Jones, chief executive of Connected Kerb, which plans to install 190,000 on-street chargers by 2030, said he expected a further significant increase in charger numbers during 2023, but “much more needs to be done if the country is to be EV-ready for 2030”.

Local authorities need to install “hundreds, even thousands, of charging points in their area – not just a handful”, while central government also has a role to play in locations such as NHS sites, he said.

“Scale remains the greatest challenge facing the EV industry but installing in the right places where there is the greatest need is also critical,” he said. “Collaboration between central government, local authorities, businesses and charging point operators is a prerequisite to unlocking the funding needed for a full transition, as is winning the hearts and minds of local communities about the benefits of electric vehicles.”

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Our labeling and tag solutions range from asset tagging where an assets details, testing, calibration, and life cycle can be tracked with a database via a QR code to ultra-durable graphic overlays (fascia labels) which are used to display EV charging points information to the end user.

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