King Charles will be crowned King alongside the Queen Consulate during an extravagant ceremony at Westminster Abbey on May 6th weekend. This will start a whole weekend of events, including a coronation concert at Windsor Castle on the Sunday. This is said to be offering performances from ‘global music icons’ and ‘contemporary stars’ so it promises to be quite an iconic show. The celebrations are also good news for the public, with confirmation that an additional bank holiday will be granted on the Monday afterwards (8th). Previous Royal events that have warranted an additional bank holiday include The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee (June 2022), The Queen’s State Funeral (September 2022), and the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton (April 2011).

The coronation will happen on the Saturday (6th) and around 2,000x guests are expected to attend – four times this amount is said to have attended Queen Elizabeth’s ceremony in 1953, so this is a lot smaller amount in comparison. Once anointed by the Archbishop, Charles will be officially crowned and named King Charles III. After the ceremony, he will take a 1.3-mile procession route in the 1762 Gold State Coach, with the Imperial State Crown on his head. This will be the opportunity for the public to line the streets and see the first glimpse of their newly crowned King. The route will start at Westminster Abbey after the ceremony and will then head towards Whitehall, past Admiralty Arch, before heading down The Mall and to Buckingham Palace, which will be the final destination. The above shows some key landmarks that the route will pass, ending at the iconic building of the establishment, Buckingham Palace.

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Please be advised also, that Custom Labels Ltd will be closed for the above-mentioned bank holiday on Monday 8th May 2023. Any requests will be dealt with upon our return to work on Tuesday 9th May 2023,