Microsoft’s latest Insider Preview Build of Windows 11 brings forth a game-changing feature aimed at elevating user convenience: effortless Wi-Fi password retrieval with QR codes. This new addition streamlines the process of accessing saved Wi-Fi passwords, allowing users to seamlessly view, share, and set up networks on additional devices.

Window’s new build 23466, will allow access to Wi-Fi passwords easier than ever before. Users can now navigate to Settings > Network and Internet> Wi-Fi, where they can manage known networks and select a saved SSID to reveal the Wi-Fi security key in plain text. A simple click on “View Wi-Fi security key” unveils the password, simplifying the entire process.

Gone are the days of navigating through wireless device properties or resorting to command prompt usage. With this update, the hassle of digging through settings or searching online is eliminated, making it significantly easier to access Wi-Fi passwords when needed.

This enhancement brings Windows 11 in line with other operating system’s capabilities. MacOS users have long enjoyed the convenience of accessing stored Wi-Fi passwords through the Keychain Access application. Similarly, Apple introduced easy access to Wi-Fi keys on iPhones with the launch of iOS 16 last year. Now, Windows users can also benefit from seamless Wi-Fi password retrieval, enhancing user experience and productivity.

But the convenience doesn’t stop there. Windows 11 takes it a step further by allowing users to generate QR codes for their saved Wi-Fi networks. This means users can easily share their Wi-Fi credentials by simply scanning the QR code with a compatible device, eliminating the need for manual input or search when setting up new connections.

In essence, Microsoft’s latest update to Windows 11 marks a significant step towards streamlining user experience and accessibility. By introducing effortless Wi-Fi password retrieval and QR code generation, the tech giant continues to prioritize user convenience and productivity in the ever-evolving digital landscape.