Qualcomm is a company bringing data processing and intelligence via cloud edge convergence. With billions of smart connected devices at the edge, utilizing our One Technology Roadmap, leading wireless connectivity, high performance, low power computing, and on-device AI.

Qualcomm has continued to look beyond hardware, unveiling a new cloud-based software service to track its chips across supply chains which it claimed would drive operational efficiencies for its enterprises.

The new software named the Qualcomm Aware service is designed to work across edge devices and cloud to initially target real-time supply chain visibility allowing for location and condition monitoring.

QA connects to chips embedded into tracking devices including utility asset monitoring, cargo shipment tracking, and warehouse and inventory management.

Mike Roberts, VP of global product marketing, told the press the service could have additional applications including sending alerts when equipment showed signs of failing.

“A lot of different data can be emanated from various different verticals, which impacts a lot of different industries.”

The service will follow a subscription-based model.

Qualcomm has produced and delivered 350 million modem chipsets to date, used by more than 25 hardware and software partners. Its plans are to provide blueprints to these companies to develop customised architectures using a cloud-based API and its existing software tools and the company plans to use the framework to enable its customers to develop their own services.

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